There are 2 ways to insert reward points,


1) Distribute reward points according to product purchased

Access: Orders > Insert/Edit existing order

Upon purchasing if the product is entitled for reward points, the order will show a column for rewards points. Click “Add Reward Points” button. 


Stock admin can release reward points to customer after the order verified.
Click on [ Add Reward Points ],then this reward points will credit into customer account.They can use their reward points balance to purchase in future.


2) Distribute reward points manually into customer account

Access: Customers > Insert/Edit existing customer

Under Reward Points Tab, insert the value of rewards points and a simple description for tracking purpose. Every records of reward point will be listed in a tabular form.


Click “Save” button.

Other than that, you can check your customer reward points through Reports > Customers > Reward points

Learn how to create product reward points.