Customer Group is used to offer different types of pricing based on the customer group assigned.

For example, you have 3 different pricing for Normal Customer, Member and Reseller group. You can create additional 2 customer groups named Member and Reseller. The existing customer group will be Customer (Default).

After that, you can just assign the customers into the customer group they entitled to. When customers login their account on your website, they will only able to see the price that you offered for that particular customer group.

Create Customer Group

Access: Customers > Customer Group


You will be required to fill up Customer Group Name.

If customers register and can straight login without your approval, please select No in Approve New Customers option.

Simplified Registration is used to fasten the customer registration process. Once you enabled it, it will only require Customer Name, Email and Password during registration. Customer Address will be requested during checkout process. If you would like to collect full customer information including gender and birth date during registration, then disable Simplified Registration.

If you does not require Customer Company and Tax information, it is recommended to disable these 4 options in order to save customer registration time.


Assign Customer Into Customer Group

Access: Customers > Insert/Edit existing Customer

You are allow to assign only 1 customer group to each customer.


Learn how to assign discount price to the particular customer group.