Access: Orders > “Add New Order” button

Step 1

If the customer is an existing customer in your website, tick “This is existing customer”, then type the name of customer in the field provided to search for it.

If the customer is a guest or new customer, un-tick “This is existing customer”, then fill in all the required fields


Click “Next” button.

Step 2

If the customer’s has the same billing and shipping address, tick “Ship items to the above billing address”. Select an existing address OR fill in new address manually at the left column under Billing Address. 

The result will display at the right hand side column for preview purpose.


Click “Next” button.

Step 3

Search for the product using the field provided either by product name or category and then insert the quantity to purchase.

Click “Add Product” button and you can see the product renders at the right hand side column for preview purpose.


Keep repeating to add more products and click “Next” whenever you are completed.

Step 4

Select desire Shipping Method, Payment Method and Remark from the drop down select provided then write a comment to the customer for reference purpose.

If you wish to input additional setting such as Coupon Code or Voucher, tick “Advanced Setting” to trigger more input fields as shown in the blue highlighted area.


Click “Update Totals” button first, then click “Save” button at the top right corner.

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