eGHL is one of the Malaysia Payment Gateways that able to integrate with Unicart. If you have decided eGHL as the Payment Gateway, please perform steps below to integrate eGHL on your website.


Step 1: Register eGHL merchant account

Kindly send email to us and we will connect you to the eGHL representative in order to proceed your eGHL merchant account application.


Step 2: Setup eGHL integration

Once your eGHL account is created, login to Unicart store and proceed to eGHL integration.

1. Click Settings from bottom left panel.

2. Choose Payment.

3. Click Add Payment on top.

4. Choose eGHL.

5. Fill in the required field.

Merchant Account*: Merchant ID (given by eGHL)
Verify Key*: Merchant Password (given by eGHL)
Title: The title to display during checkout process with Step 5 Payment Method.
Total: The minimum order amount that allows customers to use eGHL.
Remark: Your preferred order remark that paid via eGHL.
Geo Zone: The customer location that can use eGHL. Learn more.
Test Mode: Off
Status: Enabled to live eGHL on your webstore.
Return URL: (remain and ignore)
Sort Order: The sequence of this payment method during checkout process when you enable multiple payment methods. You may leave it blank.
Customer Group: The Customer Group that entitled for this payment method. Leave it blank if you apply to all customers.

6. When it is complete, click Install button.

7. Click Clear Cache from bottom left panel to have changes on your webstore.

Step 3: Test on your website

Now you have activated eGHL on your webstore. Please try to make purchase on your webstore to check if you have successfully redirected to eGHL page to proceed payment. If you manage to reach to eGHL page to make payment, you have successfully integrated eGHL and eGHL is live on your webstore now.