Access: Apps > Affiliate

Settings (Commission)

Click “Settings” button on the top right corner.


Fill up necessary fields such as affiliate terms and commission amount. 


Affiliate: You may enable or disable the usage of affiliate feature from the front end.

Affiliate Terms: Conditions to be agreed before customer can sign up as an affiliate.

Affiliate Commission (%): The value of commission in percentage. (E.g. 5% = RM5 will be earned if the order total is RM100).

Click “Save” button.


Approve Affiliate

Before the affiliate can log in, they need to be approved. Every registration of affiliate through front end is NOT approved by default.

Tick the affiliate that you wish to approve, select “Approve” from the drop down selection, click “Apply” button.


How to make commission settlement?

Access: Apps > Affiliate > Select Existing Affiliate > Payment Details Tab

Ensure the Payment Method and Cheque Payee Name had already fill up correctly by the affiliate owner. At the moment, you are allow to change different commission rate to different affiliate as well.


Once you made payment to affiliate, update the transaction record to inform the customer and a copy of record in your system in case you forgotten.

Fill up Description of the transaction and the Amount of transaction then click “Add Transaction”.


Click “Save” button