Before your store officially goes “online”, there are things you might want to configure on your UniCart. Starters can refer to the step of guidelines shown below :-

Step 1 – Login your Administrator back-end

  1. Your administrator back-end URL will be : (Example)
  2. Enter your username and password given to login the administrator back-end
Step 2 – Configure your Store Information
Access:  System > Setting > [Edit]

  1. General tab > All columns (Email address will be used for system notification purpose ).
  2. Store tab >  Title,Meta Keywords,Meta Tag Description columns.
  3. Local tab > set default currency.Length Class & Weight Class are advised not to revise.
  4. Image tab > Upload Store Logo
  5. Server tab > insert Google Tracking ID & Google Analytics Code if have.

Access:  System > localisation > Currencies

  1. Set multiple currencies here if have
Step 3 – Manage your Shipping rates
You’re able to use our current default shipping rate that we have key in or you might want to add your own shipping rate.
Preset Shipping Rate are Pos Laju Domestic & International Air Parcel Rate.

Step 4 – Configure your payment gateway
The most common payment method are offline bank transfer & paypal.

Step 5 – Manage your Site Content
We have input the basic guidelines of content for you to let your customers know how your business works. Those content must be change in the first place.
Access: Webstore >Pages

You can edit on our article template:

  • About Us
  • FAQ
  • Privacy Policy
  • Return & Refund Policy
  • Terms & Conditions

You may check on tutorial: How to create article? if you wish to add new information page.

Step 6 – Upload your products to your site

  1. Create Manufacturer (brand) for your products (View tutorial)
  2. Create Categories for your products (View tutorial)
  3. Create Product Option if have (View tutorial)
  4. Upload product & insert product details (View tutorial)
Step 7 – Your site is ready to go “ONLINE”
Now your site is basically ready to go “ONLINE”. Do not forget to check out our tutorials to help you manage your site better!

Convenience Tools:
Images Bulk Uploading via FTP software:  (View tutorial)
CSV Product Bulk Uploading: #Available in UniCart Plus & above only# (View tutorial)