1. How can I review the rejected product?

You can submit a review request for one rejected item at a time in Commerce Manager. To request a review:

  1. Go to Commerce Manager and select your catalogue.
  2. Open the Catalogue tab and go to Data Sources.
  3. Click in the Data Feed, and click the View Report to check on the details.
  4. The reasons for rejected items will be stated, hence you have to re-amend the product based on rejected reason.
  5. Once done edit, click on the Upload Now at Data sources page, to retrieve the latest changes again.

If the product is rejected due to the required information is not filled up,e.g. title, description, image, brand, category. It can be resolved by amending the information of the product and re-update again.

Product title specifications: CLICK HERE
Product description specifications: CLICK HERE
Product image specifications: CLICK HERE


  1. Why my product is not listed in the Facebook Shop?

If an item in your catalogue doesn’t comply with Facebook Advertising Policies, you can’t use it in Facebook ads. If an item doesn’t comply with Facebook Commerce Policies, you can’t sell it on Facebook or Instagram. Items that don’t comply with Facebook policies appear as “rejected” in your catalogue.

Therefore, if you believe an item was incorrectly rejected by Facebook, you can request a review or appeal. For more information, please refer to Facebook Help Center.


  1. What can I do if my Facebook Commerce Shop is disabled?

You can request a review in Account Quality from Facebook. In Account Quality, you can request a review for up to five rejected items at once:

  1. Go to Account Quality and choose Business accounts.
  2. Under Commerce accounts and catalogues, select your product catalogue.
  3. Your rejected items will be listed. Tick the checkboxes to select up to five items that you believe were incorrectly rejected.
  4. Click Request review. Enter your feedback and select Submit.

Your items will now appear in the In review tab. Reviews typically take up to a few days, but sometimes they take longer. You can check back in Account Quality at any time to see your review status. If your review is approved, items will appear in the Reversed tab and become ready to use. If the review isn’t approved, items will appear in the Unchanged tab and stay rejected. You can’t submit another review request for the same items.