Promoting and selling the product through Facebook Live is becoming a trend nowadays.

You can have direct interaction with your fans and viewers, thus gain potential customers in real-time. In Facebook Live, you can share more information, demonstrate your products, answer questions from viewers and respond to their reactions. It’s highly interactive for you and your viewers, and when viewers want to make a purchase, they can check out the product directly in your Unicart webstore.

Things to check before start:

Step 1: Add and Prepare Facebook Live Session
Step 2: Start Facebook Live Stream
Step 3: Sell and Promote in Facebook Live
Step 4: Checkout Shopping Cart (From Customer Perspective)

Additional Information
1. View Report
2. Update Token

Step 1: Add and Prepare Facebook Live Session

1. Navigate to Unicart Administrator Panel, go to Facebook Menu and choose Facebook Live.

2. Create Facebook Live session by clicking the Add button at the right top.

3. Fill the Live Stream Name and the Live Stream Description that you wish to start later.

4. Then, click on the Save button.

5. Edit the Facebook Live session which had been created, thus prepare the product which going to selling in the Facebook Live streaming.

6. Click Add Product button at the left bottom.

7. Then Search and Choose your product, thus insert a Keyword for the product. Then, click Add Product button.

8. The products added will then be ready to selling on Facebook Live.

Step 2: Start Facebook Live Stream

1. Go to your Facebook Page, then start a Live session.

2. Then, go to Facebook Live of Unicart and click the Connect Facebook button at the top right.

3. Connect to the Facebook Live Sreaming which already go live.

Step 3: Sell and Promote in Facebook Live

1. When you ready to promote the products during the Facebook Live Stream, click the Add Products button again.

2. Click Start Selling button, so that the Facebook Live viewers able to bid the products.

3. During the Facebook Live session, the viewer can just type the KEYWORD + NUMBER for the product which they interested. For example, s1 + 1.

4. From a seller perspective, you may always monitor on the viewers’ chat who had bid on the products together with the quantity through the Comments, and hence check on the result and stock left of the products from the Sales Engagements in Unicart’s Facebook Live.

5. Just Ends Sales for the product when you want to stop promoting on Facebook Live Stream, and a checkout link will be sent to the viewers who bids.

Step 4: Checkout Shopping Cart (From Customer Perspective)

1. The Facebook Live viewer who had bid for the product will receive a private message in Facebook Messenger to go the Checkout page, once the seller ends the sales of products.

2. Then, the customer can directly checkout via the Unicart webstore checkout page.

3. Finally, the customer just place order for the products which had bid in the Facebook Live Stream.


Additional Information

1. View Report

Click on View to check the sales during the Facebook Live session.

The product details of the Facebook Live Stream will be listed.

2. Update Token

Click More button at the right top, and choose Update FB Token, if your Facebook token is expired every 50 days.