Access: Facebook -> Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is used to encourage your customers register and login with their Facebook user account on your website to expedite registration and login process. Once you activated it, as long as they already login to their Facebook user account on their machine, system will auto retrieve their Facebook profile information to proceed registration or login on your website.


Step 1 – Create Facebook App

You have to create a Facebook app from here.

After app created, go to Settings, Basic, make sure Display Name is filled in with your online business name. App Domains has to filled in with your website domain name ( Then, click Add Platform, select Website and fill in your website domain name again (, and click Save Changes button.

If your website domain name is valid with https, please fill in https accordingly.


Go to App Review, turn on your app to live.

Step 2 – Setup Facebook Connect

Copy App ID and App Secret from Facebook app.

Login to your Unicart Admin Panel, go to Facebook and Facebook Connect, paste the details, enable the status and click Save and Clear Cache button.

Step 3 – Test Facebook Connect

Ensure that your computer is login with different Facebook user account which is not used to create Facebook App. Then, try to register account with Facebook Login, success Facebook Connect will prompt a Facebook window with the Display Name, to request confirmation of receiving Facebook profile information.