Access: Facebook -> Facebook Default Reply Setting

Facebook Default Reply Setting is designed to set default auto reply message to Facebook users who responded to Facebook Post or Facebook Post Product.

Please note that it can only be used after integrated with Facebook Store V2.

There are two Reply Types. All Keywords are used to apply to any comment that sent by Facebook users. Specific Keywords are used to apply certain keywords that contain in Facebook users’ comment. You can either use All Keywords or Specific Keywords at a time.

If you are using Specific Keywords, you have to enter expected keywords that Facebook users would leave and you wish to have auto reply message. Please note that it is case-sensitive.

Then, enter auto reply message in Reply With field that you wish to apply on Auto Comment or Auto PM or even both.

After that, click Save button.

Once you done the setting, whenever you used Facebook Post or Facebook Post Product and enabled auto reply function, system will auto reply to the Facebook users who leave a comment to you.


Below is the sample result of using All Keywords with Auto Comment and PM for Facebook Post Product, from Facebook user’s point of view.

If you want to set different auto reply message for different Facebook post, you can set it from individual Facebook Post or Facebook Post Product. Learn how to use Facebook Post and Facebook Post Product.