Access: Facebook -> Facebook Messenger Store

Facebook Messenger Store designed to let customers to buy your products on Facebook Messenger. Your products can reach to customers instantly on Facebook Messenger. Customers can even make purchase directly in Facebook Messenger without going to your webstore, which bring good buying experience. 

Please note that it can only be used after integrated with Facebook Store V2.


Step 1 – Configure Store

Choose up to 5 categories which you wish to promote, and enter Menu title that will display on Facebook Messenger.

For Level 5a and 5b, you can either select category in 5a or insert URL in 5b to the desired page. Sample above is to discard 5a and use 5b to direct customer to Latest Product Page.


Step 2 – Enable status

Once it is complete, you can enable the status to live Facebook Messenger Store.

Here is the sample outcome when customers engaged with Facebook Messenger Store. When they tried to find you on Facebook Messenger, there are several options which are Send a message, Shop Now and View My Website. Click Shop Now will direct customers to the Facebook Messenger Store.

If customers select Bags, it will list products which assigned to Bags Category.

You will see 3 options from each product listed.

BUY: For those product without options, it will direct customers to Shopping Cart page to proceed make purchase. For those product with options, it will direct customers to Product page to select the option.

SHARE: It will forward the product details to friends or family on Facebook Messenger.

MORE INFO: It will direct customers to Product page.

Each listing can be up to 10 products. If the category selected has more than 10 products, it will show View More button to view another 10 products.

If Latest Product is clicked, which created by 5b with URL link inserted, it will direct customer to desired page (Latest Product Page).

After customers shop and click BUY on the item, they will proceed to checkout and make payment.