Due to New Lazada API requirement, it required to apply Lazada Code on your Unicart store in order to establish complete connection with your Lazada Seller Center. Please follow steps listed below.


  • Lazada Code will be expired in every 180 days according to Lazada New API. Please reauthorize Lazada Code before expiry date to ensure the success of Lazada product, order and inventory sync.
  • Perform the same action for all stores if you have multiple Lazada Stores in Unicart.


1. Navigate to Marketplaces, choose Lazada Sync.

2. Click More icon on top right and go to API Settings.

3. Click HERE link from Lazada Code field and it will prompt a new window.

4. This is Lazada Open Platform which needs your permission to allow Unicart perform new API.

– Select your Lazada Seller account country. Please select Malaysia if you are syncing to Lazada MY
– Fill in your Lazada Seller account email.
– Fill in your Lazada Seller account password.


5. Click Submit to get the Lazada Code.

6. It will redirect you back to Lazada API Settings, and the Lazada Code will be inserted.

8. Save the setting.