1. What to do after product migrated to Unicart?

You can start selling the products on your webstore or sync to other marketplaces to generate more sales. If you have existing products from other marketplaces, kindly perform product matching to ensure the products are mapped between Unicart and marketplaces so that the inventory can be updated automatically among the marketplaces when a new order is received in Unicart.


  1. What should I prepare before migrating Shopee products to Unicart?

SKU is the main key to map the products between Unicart and Marketplaces. Thus, SKU is a mandatory field and must be unique for all the products. If your Shopee products have not been inserted with SKU, please fill up the Parent SKU and Variation SKU for all your Shopee products by exporting Shopee CSV. Let us know once Shopee SKUs are filled up completely, and we will perform the product migration for you.


  1. How to map with existing products on Lazada?

SKU is used to map with Lazada products. As long as Lazada products and Unicart products are having the same SKU, whenever the Lazada orders synced back to Unicart, inventory will be auto deducted in Unicart.


  1. Should I amend the product content on Unicart or Marketplace?

Depends. The best practice would be amended on Unicart and sync to the marketplace, but if you prefer to use a special function such like Lorikeet from Lazada, you can amend the product in Lazada and sync back the update from Lazada to Unicart.


  1. Why is marketplace sync status still showing unsync after I have done the product mapping with marketplaces?

Marketplace sync status will be reflected if you click Sync button for the product in Unicart. Usually you will perform Product Sync in Unicart when you want to CREATE a new listing in marketplace OR you have updated the product details in Unicart and wanted to UPDATE the same as well to marketplaces. Thus, our sync status is used to record when the product is being synced from Unicart to marketplaces.


  1. Can I have different product content (price or images) for my webstore and different marketplaces?

Yes. Unicart product will be reserved for your webstore. When you want to sync products to marketplaces, there will have some marketplace required fields and those common fields like product name, description, price, images etc will be auto-filled based on what you have saved in Unicart. You are free to amend the details and sync the product over.


  1. I thought once I use Unicart to integrate with Marketplace, I can one click to sync all my product to all marketplaces?

We would love to make it possible, however different marketplace will have different data requirements such as brands, categories and attributes, so you need to key in the additional data required by each marketplace and you can sync the product over.


  1. How long is the interval time for the marketplace order to appear in Unicart and inventory will be updated?

Within 5-15 minutes


  1. If I change the product’s price on Marketplace, will Unicart product’s price be affected?



  1. What to do when I encounter an error message during product syncing?

Normally the error message will let you know what are the info is missing or not according to marketplace requirement. You can try to amend the product according to the error message and resync. If you do not understand the error message, you can engage our support via call, email or live chat.


  1. Can I join marketplace campaign from Unicart?



  1. Are Unicart’s promotion tools such as coupon code, reward point, bundle product function applicable to Marketplaces?

Nope, Unicart’s promotion tools only work for webstore, marketplaces are having their own promotion tools.


  1. Are Unicart’s apps like Watermark and Product Label applicable to Marketplaces?

Nope, these Unicart’s apps only work for webstore.


  1. Why Unicart product quantity becomes negative?

Once you insert the marketplace API and matching all the SKU, you should amend the product quantity in Unicart, otherwise Unicart quantity will become negative and Unicart will sync quantity 0 to marketplaces.


  1. What should I do when I found the inventory is not tally between Unicart and marketplaces?

You can use Marketplace Inventory Management to check marketplace inventory,  update the latest inventory and sync to marketplaces.


  1. Why sometime when I use Marketplace inventory management to sync product quantity, it will fail?

This is because your product might have participated in Marketplace’s campaign, marketplace will lock the product quantity from edit during the campaign.


  1. Why Marketplace Inventory Management return dash (-) when I check the inventory?

When it returns dash (-) for certain products from a particular marketplace, most probably the Unicart products have not been synced or mapped with the marketplace before.