Leverage your sales to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Wechat and WhatsApp will help you to capture for more sales. However, it will be inconvenient for your customers to make their payments if they have to go through all the way from “add to cart” to “checkout process”. A lengthy checkout process gives customers the time to reconsider the purchase and increases customer shopping cart abandonment rate. If you can improve your checkout process, you can improve your sales by a huge margin.

Let Purchase Link generator improve your checkout process and reduce your cart abandonment rate!


1. Navigate to Apps and click on Add More Apps, search for the Purchase Link Apps and Install the app.


2. Search the product by Name or Category, and thus add on the Quantity.

3. Then, click on the Add Product button to add into the shopping cart list.

4. Apply the Coupon Code to allow customer checkout with coupon code applied. (optional)

5. Then, you will see the summary of the order purchase list. Click on the Generate Link to get the Purchase Link, thus Copy the link and share to your customer.

6. With the Purchase Link given, the customer can just Proceed To Checkout directly without going through the add to cart process.

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